How Energy Companies get energy from its source to your home?

How is it that the Energy from a company gets from it’s source to your home or business? Well, there are several ways Energy is made, however there is a precise way that it can be transferred from the Energy company to your household. The delivery of this Energy is quite a complicated process, so let’s break it down into a few easy steps.

Step one consists of the generation of the power, or the Energy being made. Multiple different fuels can be used as well as the hydro-electric process to make Energy. When Energy is made, it’s always made at a power-plant, wind-farm, or a dam. After Energy is made, the voltage of it must be increased to either 138kv or 345kv in order to be carried via the power grid (or high-voltage power lines) across large distances to steel transmission towers.

Step two is when the Energy from these very steel transmission towers is sent to a distribution substation. These substations are where the power grid infrastructure becomes distribution. There, the voltage is then decreased to 34.5kv or 13.8kv where it can then travel through smaller distribution lines. Finally it’s sent to specific residential and commercial locations.
The final step is when this Energy reaches it’s destination. The voltage coming in through the distribution lines is still too high to flow directly into your neighborhoods, so it’s then carried either underground or over-head to it’s final destination and connected to the transformers, which are located on telephone poles nearby the homes or neighborhoods.
Transformers then decrease the voltage yet again, in order to safely deliver the energy traveling to them, inside a home or business. The electricity from travels from transformers through wires called service drops, which in-turn connect to a meter box where the electricity’s use can be measured. These service drops also connect to all switches and outlets inside a home or business.
Electricity then flows from the wires, through the metal prongs in a plug, up through the appliance’s power cord, and initially produces the desired Energy effect to start or “turn-on” the appliance. Thus, Energy has been made, traveled far distances, been increased and decreased in voltage, and safely delivered to your home!

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Impacts of Mobile Technology on Teachers and Organizations

Impacts of Mobile Technology on Teachers and Organizations

The Universal Concerns of Mobile Technology on The Education System
Teachers from all over the world are voicing their concerns over mobile technology. It is true that mobile technology has advanced our civilizations in many profound ways. However, teachers fear that it also has a negative impact on students.

What Does This All Mean For Future Generations?
The reason why teachers are expressing concerns over mobile technology in relation to
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How to Embrace the Mobile Learning Frontier

Mobile learning or mLearning is an emerging field where companies allow employees access training material on the employee’s own mobile devices. Almost all eLearning material is easy to convert for mobile, except Flash, which does not work on Apple devices.

Harnessing the power of tablets and smartphones is a new frontier, providing more flexibility to employees in how they chose to learn. Employees with long train rides into work or employees who work on the road may prefer being able to read a policy manual or employee handbook online, in easily
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Guide to Getting Started With Mobile Learning

Bringing mobile learning into the classroom is so important since many children are now being introduced to smartphone and mobile devices alike. One of the key things that needs to be emphasized in mobile learning is how to safely use a smartphone as a child or teenager. Your classroom needs to know the safety precautions on how to text or what to do when taking pictures and sending them to friends. Along with safety teaching, it is also a good idea to teach children the ins and outs of their mobile devices
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Tips on Using the Internet for Education and Learning

There is a lot to be said about how many uses the internet can have for families. There are also plenty of things that students can do in order to help them broaden their horizons. Learning has never been easier since innovations in computer technology helped to introduce the internet as we know it today into the households of millions.

Learning on the internet is faster and more entertaining for any student than simply having their nose stuck in a textbook for hours on end. There are so many different websites with endless amounts of information to pull from. The best part is that all of this information is introduced in different ways, depending completely upon the imagination and creativity of the website owner.

Aside from educational websites helping students to learn, there are also programs and even instructional videos that access the internet, essentially becoming interactive tools for students. The benefits of using the internet for instructional purposes are limitless. With so many options, it is no wonder that the children of today are so much smarter and mature faster than the youth of generations long past. Thanks to modern technology, everyone now has the chance to grow on an exponential level.

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Tools Students Can Use to Create Music Online

There are a lot of people out there who would like to be able to make their own music and realize a dream that they have had for many years. The great thing is that this is very possible, thanks to computers and the technological innovation of the digital age. Now, any students can take their written compositions and make them come alive. These songs can even be posted online for others to listen to and critique. There is simply no limit to the amount of creativity that technology affords us now.

Creating music is as simple as finding a solid recording program. These can be pricey, depending on the bells and whistles one might want to have packed with the program. There are free versions available of most programs and they are usually completely functional for a certain number of days. After installing the program, it is important to have some kind of interface between the musical instrument and the student, if they are going to record traditionally. If the music being written uses virtual instruments, the process is already complete. In this case, simply fire up the program containing the virtual instruments, press the record key and get started.

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How to Use the Socrative Student Response System

Educators and school districts are always looking for new ways to increase student learning in the classroom. One of the most comprehensive student learning systems in the market is the Socrative Student Response System. This system is unique because it incorporates current technology and is user friendly for both the teacher and the student. The Socrative Student Response System utilizes current technology such as: smartphones, tablets and laptops. One of the biggest problems facing educators is that their students are often utilizing as much, if not more, technology
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Using Schooltube to View Youtube Videos

If you are looking for ways to share videos with other educational institutions, or if you just want to watch videos that promote learning, SchoolTube might just be perfect for you. This website, similar to YouTube, allows you to upload your own videos and watch those that other individuals have uploaded. Many of the same videos that are on YouTube are also on SchoolTube, so if you know of a video on YouTube that you want to watch with the School version, you can upload the content through the SchoolTube website, which allows you to upload and watch the content on just about any computer system.

If you already know the title of the YouTube video you want to watch on SchoolTube, navigate to the website, then type in the title into the search feature on the website. You must be signed in with the website in order to view the content. If you have not yet signed up with the website, click “Sign Up,” then follow the prompts provided by the website in order to create your own account. With the account created, you can now perform the video search. Generally, many schools block YouTube with the server proxy, so you can’t want innapropriate content. Because of this, even the educational videos are blocked off of YouTube. If you don’t know the name of the YouTube video, you need to go back home or to a computer not blocked by the proxy and look up the video information.

Once the video search is performed, if the video is available on the SchoolTube website, the video link appears on the screen. In order to watch the video, click the provided link and the video begins to load onto the screen. As with YouTube, you can pause, play and adjust the volume on the website.

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Teaching Tech

People think internet is internet but there’s a huge difference in, say, smallbusiness.xo internet and traditional dial up. If you’re a teacher you’ve got to impart this tech knowledge on your kids – here are a few places to start.
Explain the concept of wireless: It’s a tough one best suited for kids over 10 years old but wireless is the first step to understanding all types of technology like internet and cell phones. Do a project where you utilize tin
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How to Create Choose Your Own Educational Videos

If you are a teacher that is looking for some great educational videos to show to maybe your classroom, you have many choices to choose from. Educational videos should serve that purpose. They can be fun as well. You do not want something that is boring, and that will not keep the attention of the kids. You can find some type of educational video that will give them exactly what they need. Something that will keep their interest is what they want to
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